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I’m done with my business plans

February 16, 2021

I’m done with my business plans for 2016-2020.  My entire business plan list is finished save the final three group ideas that I want to put together.  I’m working on the vegetable garden/farm business plan idea.  I’m trying to grow a vegetable garden in a small space.  Hanging gardens have existed on this planet for thousands if not millions of years.  I’m going to figure out how to grow a full service vegetable garden on my property including root vegetables.  I want to grow herbs and sell them at my kiosk in dried form. 

I’m thrilled I’m done with the entire list.  The next step is to ask for funds,  we need to connect to those partners who have money, so I can stay covered a while longer. The time will come for me to make real money.  I will eventually make real money and succeed at making real money.  I need angel investors/equal partners. I want to stay covered/low income a bit longer but after that I will have to start raising funds.  This means learning some grantwriting.  This means locating equal business partners, and filing for incorporation.  I have some idea about how this is done.  I need to get my plans off the ground.  The time is now.

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