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Jobs I’m Interested In

July 12, 2021

This blog entry is about jobs I’m interested in and would like to learn about but I can’t do because I’m still working on my knee injury from years ago.  I’ve always held a fascination with skilled trades like electricians, plumbers and construction as my career choices.  I’m fascinated by male-dominated fields only because I am interested in these.  Although I know I run the risk of hurting myself again. My knee injury came from yoga.  I dislocated my knee cap, and fractured my tibia which is a knee bone. It was quite the emergency.

I’ve never had emergencies on that level again.  I really don’t have diabetes emergencies to begin with.  I am very careful with those and this. Careers in plumbing could be open to women these days, only because there is no shame in a career in plumbing.  My family considers some of my career interests menial work.  I’m like, wow, that’s ridiculous.  Menial work? Really?

I mean I want to work, I want a job more than just publishing my books.  Every Sunday for six more weeks I’m going to submit my work to literary agencies. I’m in the process of editing my book on bullies, as I have to look it over one more time. I’m lucky I’m a one stop shop, in terms of writing, I can edit my own work.   I can go over it and edit my own work. 

It is rare a writer can turn an eye on their own work. Your work is your baby, and for many people your work is your livelihood, Anyway, I’m just working on saving money, and not blowing through what’s in checking.  My savings are very much accounted for in one of my accounts. I want to look into stock.  I’m looking to make money but do I have supportive doctors? No.  The ones I do have tell me that they think I should maintain my benefits.

Don’t dictate to me what jobs I should do.  Or what I’m interested in doing later in life. I’m not going to be low income for the rest of my life like the old man says I will stay low income.  No, dumbass, I’m going to make more money. I’m going to try to make more money.  I’m going to publish my books.

I have Udemy classes going on herbs, copywriting and ghostwriting.  My method is simply to take advantage of sales on that platform. When there is a sale, my plan is to swoop in, buy up class cheap, taking advantage of the $14.99 low price. But anyway, sales happen, and I try to take advantage of them whenever possible, whenever I have the money. 

I need to make money at this point, because I’m losing my mind and need extra income. The stimulus checks have been a great idea since jobs are few and far between depending on the nature of how someone else can pay you.  The crisis we are in now is unusual at best but it is brought on by the virus itself. I have unconventional career interests for  a girl.

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