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Goals for Upwork

August 3, 2021

I’d like to make $200 a month from this website if possible. I already am trying to make $100 a month with Textbroker.  So that leaves me with the $1200 a month limit or the goal to stay under $2,000 at all times. I’m trying to continue to work from home. I suspected I was COVID negative and that’s the result of the current test. Why have I stayed COVID negative? Not hanging out around anybody, being the standoffish bitch I am.  I’m careful with whom I spent time with though.  I’ve read about people who are vaccinated getting the illness anyway. 

Upwork is a freelance job/gig board.  I can make enough money  to live off of from this board but I’m careful to stay covered for the eventual fact of needing hernia surgery. Or if I publish my books, at the very least I’m going to have means of income.  Upwork has categories such as web research, virtual assisting and transcription. I’m good for all three of those. I can also use spreadsheets to make stuff happen.

But anyway, I need to remember City will give me a scholarship even if I already have a bachelor’s. I’m retaking English classes as a refresher.  I need to do this for work only because my writing needs to reflect my skill.   I’m wondering if it sounds sane, and stable?  I’m pretty much working on registering for City College right now. 

I’m trying to keep my brain together with this stuff. I wonder how I managed to register for State while being a functional drunk.  I stayed with the Ex way too long give or take I wanted to go back to school but he’d always talk me out of it. I’m glad I dumped him. Really, now, yes I am. I’m trying to add English classes into my schedule at City College.

I’ve been trying with no help to register today and I have days until class starts on around August 16th.  I’ve dropped a lot of my schedule to work on my registration problems. Anyway, I’m just saying I’m looking forward to retaking English 1A as I got a D in a summer semester situation from City College of San Francisco.  My aunt asks if I have to go to San Francisco for class, and I was like, no its online. Hee. Yes, online. I’m wading through options on the phone while hoping to reach to an actual representative. I’m wondering if I’m going to reach the right person this time around. Maybe not. I keep getting Rocky the Ram, a useless virtual assistant.  Registration for college, junior or otherwise is one huge headache. I have a long to-do list for this week.

Anyway, I’m taking English 1A to improve my writing.  Yes, I’ve gotten much better. Writing is like exercising a sore muscle, you have to use it or you won’t improve. At any rate, I’m proud of myself for plugging away at registration without relying on substances to do so.  This is what I was afraid of getting me manic over the edge nut job nuts but it didn’t. I enrolled without panicking.  I’m doing okay.  

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