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Inventing New Medications and Tweaking the Ones that Exist

March 4, 2018



I keep pondering why medications have side effects and how I would love to invent medications without side effects or with less of a side effect profile. Buspar, I take 20 mg, can cause insomnia. Geodon helped me lose weight, 120 mg, that I take, and it can cause weight gain as I learned Zyprexa can also do. Lexapro, 10 mg, can both cause drowsiness as well as insomnia. I take it at night though. I take buspar in the morning and most of my meds at night. All my meds work to keep me stable. The thought of driving doesn’t fill me with fear today.



On those days, it is best for me not to drive. I’m stable in the now, unlike in the past. I want to go to UCLA and get a medical science degree, if only to work on new medications. This is my life’s work. I also would like to work on insulin if that comes to pass. It would be great to invent new insulin with less low blood sugar side effects because that is what insulin does. It lowers the blood glucose levels. In the present, I interviewed at a supplement company, left my resume, and asked for the manager to talk to his manager.


I have a feeling I’m going to nail this job. Part of the job involves talking to people. I need that part-time job for the next five years or so. I need to be able to pay for school. I have to retake classes from both junior college as well as San Francisco State. I mean I have to retake my general ed and some anthropology in the classroom as I have a variety of interests. I just want to get my grades up. I don’t need to retake creative writing stuff, maybe, because I wasn’t a straight A student in that one, ever.



If anything, I know I have a shot at being a straight-A student because I did experiments while in my private investigation course. Experiments that determined I need my glucose to be at 150 before any quiz. This is a fact of life for me. I learned to get enough sleep means I do well on a quiz. Also, to have normal blood sugars not in the 300 range is conducive to a proper test grade. If my blood sugar comes down, all the more reason I manage to test this with what grade I’d get.


I get Ds if I’m high or low. So the A comes from being 150. 130 is too low for an A. I can get a B. In order to get good grades, my blood sugar has to be stable. I had three Ds on my private investigation record that says I wound up with an 87% , a B or a B+. And growing up, a B was not good enough. I was given shit for having Bs. I’m sorry, I am into As but less stress occasionally means taking a B. For Stanford students, Bs are fine since they are all straight A students anyway. I want to do well in law school with my brain functional because of my meds, not being a caffeine junkie, and in general, trying my best to fend off my anxiety I get in crowds. Yes, school in crowded environments presents difficulty for me. UCLA draws me only because of their law program and their archaeology program, which I want to do on the side. The adventure begins when I get my job at the nutritional supplement store, and can make extra income.

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