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The Secret Space Program and Other Stories

March 8, 2018

Google says that there are 100 billion galaxies in the universe, and in the Milky Way Galaxy, there are 100 billion alien planets. We are busy learning where they are. The Secret Space Program has existed since the 1950s. The “Space Corps” are known as the “sixth” branch of the military. Given they are open to the public someday, I would love to serve. I can be the aboard ship-chef or something. The National Space Council was disbanded in 1993 but the current leadership is doing something about reviving this program. The Secret Space Program is run by Naval Space Command, I think that since China and Europe are talking about setting up a moon base, well, the United States obviously has to get involved with that. The Solar Warden program is made up of U.S. Aerospace Black Project contractors. Our planet now has the capability of warp travel, just like Star Trek only they keep it secret since not everybody is supposed to have the technology to leave this shithole planet. Hey, if there are shithole countries, there ought to be shithole planets. Earth is one such shithole, make no mistake.


We are a shithole where 1% are wealthy and the other 99% barely makes it. We let children in Africa die of easily treatable parasitic infections, malaria, or cholera. In the West, these illnesses do not exist. Forget how many planets there are, or galaxies, and while Google put out impressive numbers, we in the shithole, have to clean our own shithole. We have problems on this planet. Look at the Flint, Michigan water crisis. Kids have high levels of lead in their blood. This will affect them for the rest of their lives. I submit that Earth is a shithole. One huge cesspool of shithole when we can’t fix the plastic gyres that have formed in nearly every ocean. Yes, this is why I don’t eat fish often enough. I’m worried about having high mercury blood content which may affect the way I process information. I have to keep those brain chemicals working good enough for law school when the time comes, but first I have to finish my general ed retakes/biology/chemistry.



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