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What I Would Do With My Money If I Was A Billionaire

March 11, 2018

I would buy every single African chicken, pigs, or goats for starters. I would also do things like say “the tab is open” when I got to a place, and then when it would stop, I’d say “the tab is closed.” Basically, I have to set an example for the other, more selfish billionaires such as 45. Giving my money away to a charity would be something I would get done, as well as pay rent and my education at UCLA. Given that I could use the money to run for office, I could run for Mayor of San Jose. I would set up all my business ideas, some of which I keep ultra-secret. My other aspirations to run for office someday, well, I need to start with California State Senate first, and go from there. This is why I need to pay for my law degree. I will apply at many schools to see if I get in. I need to get LSAT computer programs or log into their website to study. I have to take the Penn Foster paralegal class however, in order to gain background since it is less expensive than taking major coursework at De Anza however, I’m going to try to take some paralegal classes there. I just want income, stable income, where I can afford to pay for my education, starting with getting my M.S. in psychology general ed out of the way at De Anza and Foothill using their online psychology program.




I would also try to fund children abroad who need the money in cents. I would even set up an educational fund for students with 22q. This would be a scholarship program for people who have pediatric onset schizophrenia, or even those who get it in adulthood. Everybody with a mental illness needs a chance to be stable and go to school. Not everybody gets this chance. This is why I want to start a massive scholarship fund with an essay writing contest, for all academic levels. I would also give seed money to other people who want to start a business like I do. Oh to have this much income. I can stay in hotels, and it wouldn’t be a problem. I mean I would never have to worry about money again. I can manage it all myself anyhow. But there is the matter of protecting my money from the Ferengi. I can afford lawyers if I have income. I’m competent enough to manage my own funds. This is something I can do. I already manage a very low budget, managing a higher budget would be easier. I mean managing $30,000 of income, real income, is something I have yet to experience since I have been low income from the age of 18. I want to make real money and I had a mean doctor who said I’d be on SSI my whole life after I showed her a business plan. Needless to say, I dumped that doctor. She was soundly dumped after being told not to speak to me like that. She said I’d wind up a bum without my SSI. Fat lot of good she knows.

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