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To Those of Us Who Make Rude Comments About People Taking AntiDepressants and Other Medications

March 13, 2018



The phrase “Oye loca” is just as damaging as anybody being critical about people who take medication. As in, “get off all your meds and ground yourself,” oh how ignorant. That means I can only ground myself on my meds, moron. I’m fed up with anti-medication sentiment, period, which is why I made the shirt “Don’t give me shit about my meds.” Telling a mutual friend that taking medication is bad for them is undermining their health and sabotaging them. No intimate partner needs to brainwash their lover to not take their medication when they take none of their own. This is dangerous for people’s well being.



I spent my childhood not knowing I had schizophrenia until I was 18. This was the family denial complex. I wish I had had more information or at least a name. I didn’t even get information. I was in the dark save sophomore year psychology class. I practically diagnosed myself schizophrenic and told the class about it, if you guys remember. I really do have schizophrenia, it is enmeshed in the family denial complex. Also, talking shit about something you don’t know about which is somebody’s mental illness that is under control, is something you have no idea about. You don’t know anything about your own bipolar tendencies.


It is rude to say rude things about people on antidepressants. Or other medications when you so desperately need meds to control that anxiety which turns you mean. Mania also turns you mean. All your fart jokes at this person’s expense is not funny. You are stigmatizing everybody on meds when you so desperately need to control your borderline mood swings. When I dump somebody as a friend, there is no going back. There is not even an acquaintanceship.


I’m thorough. If somebody takes up my time with their complaining about something they are not changing, then I dump them. If they don’t take their meds consistency, lose their temper a lot whether in a passive-aggressive manner or an aggressive manner, I dump them. Mania in my presence counts as endangering my health. This is why I work hard to leave toxic situations which some of us do not understand why this is so. Toxic people need to be dumped for your self-respect, which is something you have little of.



And this is a requirement for being in a healthy relationship with healthy boundaries. Playing around with not using a condom is playing around with the chance of getting HIV. HIV is a deadly condition that can kill you with anything going around. You succumb to illness at the end. HIV is not fun. No matter how graphic I got, that wasn’t getting into your irrational head. Your shame complex is getting ridiculous. I can’t cope with this and my own which I’m trying hard to eradicate. I see my therapist weekly, and I work on myself. I do eventually need to pay a real therapist but I do not have the money for this right now. This was the impetus for monetizing my blog. Off I go to Safeway where hopefully I will get Safeway Monopoly pieces.

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