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How To Stand Up To The Illuminati

March 17, 2018

The plan is simple. I want to become a billionaire in order to work on wealth distribution. I want to guilt all the billionaires into giving their money away to the down and out in the United States. Every homeless bum in San Jose needs to be given a cashier’s check for $500, especially if they have nothing. Homeless people do piss me off when they ask for money. I get even more pissed that I have none to give them. This is fucking annoying stuff. I do not carry cash on me so it is true that I have nothing to give them.



The Illuminati are creating this massive third world-country like conditions in the United States because they want to erode people’s wealth and make them wholly dependent on the system. They put Trump in office as the challenge of the moment because they knew he would do that. They were scared of Hillary causing a civil war. If Trump did not get elected, that would have majorly pissed off the Republicans. Either choice was testy at best for both parties. In this era, when anybody Democrat or Republican can be accused of being fascist, this is the result.


Running for office is one way to bring about social change. Republicans shoot themselves in the foot more often than not, even with other conservatives who would normally vote for them. The fact is, everybody is fed up with the Republicans, and their ease in reaching perturbations. Most of us have had it, libertarians and Independents, Peace and Freedom, etc. There is more than one party in the United States. I have to run as an Independent. This is the only way I can change the world to my liking.


The biggest way anybody has of making a difference is to run for office. Running for office is an activity that can help people decide how they are to make change. I have many ideas but no outlet other than this blog. Many people do not write as much or have the impulse to do a Huffington Post article. They just don’t know how to write if they do not have general ed, so in which case we are losing many voices that way through isolating those with less education. The United States is quickly becoming a third-world like country with our infant mortality rate being higher than other developed countries. Our health care system is in shambles, with the Rethuglicans trying to get the pre-exisiting condition clause back so that nobody can have coverage unless it is a huge expense.



Just being all talk doesn’t help. All talk doesn’t get changes to happen. I want to become a billionaire to be able to give my money to bums in an effort to help them get off the street. I would have used the cops to distribute the money so I don’t have to do it all by myself. Bums are trapped in the bum lifestyle with few alternatives. It is a vicious cycle of poverty. Some also need medication which is why I want to become a psychiatrist which is 4 more years of school plus my residency, so 8 years total. I have to pay this myself or use scholarships as well. It will ultimately depend on what the FAFSA says this time around. Scholarships are given out impartially because I had the grades for a Pell grant which paid for the last four semesters of San Francisco State. Homeless are written off as useless by people who do have a genocidal agenda, this is why billionaires have to start dealing concretely with poverty issues.

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