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How To Take Control Of Our Civilization

March 19, 2018

People who go off-grid are less dependent on the Man to survive. They produce much of everything themselves because they have chickens or some such resource. In order to take back our civilization, we have to ask for equal work for equal pay for all people not just because a person is a minority or has a disability or was born female but because we are set back for equal work by 200 years. Not voting right-wing candidates goes a long way to healing the divide. Voting Independent, Libertarian or Peace and Freedom can help change the same, tired old song.



To conquer the unconquerable, we must demand our rights to be secure under the law even as they are being eroded. The alt-right is a dangerous movement. The Nazis’ main agenda is to kill people. This is why they succeeded at Charlottesville. We cannot give in to fear. Or allow them to bully us, and anybody they feel is not racially pure. They can’t see how stupid their race rules are. The Fourth Reich is rising and we need to stop it before genocide actually does happen. It doesn’t take much to push them towards this inevitability.



Nazis are on a futile path to make the species pure. Those of them who do find that they are part black feel devastated. They are shocked at themselves. They have black ancestry, who would have thought this? Mixed race people happen all the time. The Nazis shun them and this can seem appalling to those of us who do not shun people because of their racial background. Many of us are trying to beat the tide of racism we grew up with. Nazis simply don’t have enough exposure to people of color. They haven’t spent their lives talking to them, they are busy talking down to them.


To change racism, we have to reach out to others different from us. We have to start having long conversations with them. Racism doesn’t have to be a permanent divide. Some people do give up on their hatred and try to embrace the rest of us. Others can’t. These are the ones who want to kill people different from them. It is appalling just how many people are joining the Nazi movement in the United States. Nazis are real. The movement is real. Look around. Stay safe.

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