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Volunteering My Time

March 22, 2018

I want to make a difference in the world. If I’m supposed to be the change I wish to see in the world, then I feel I have to run for District 10 in San Jose. I will volunteer my time to people who need to learn to read better in District 10 to gain more experience. I will try to join many committees as well. Running for office means I can get a stipend as well, which will help me financially. I want to run for office since only people can change the laws as they are right now with 44’s legacy in shambles.


Running for office provides me with a platform in which to accomplish new ways of legislating things. I want to go to city hall next week on Tuesday to see what I can do with running for office. There is a lot I can do as it is. I can also serve my neighborhood association as a member. Robertsville is far north of District 10. The council member is Johnny Khamis. As a city volunteer I could get a lot done such as creek cleanup participation, partners in reading, the library, and ham radio. I’d like to be part of the emergency preparedness team too. I need to spend more time out of the house this year anyhow with preparing to work part-time as well.


Whether or not I get a real work from home job remains to be seen. I need to go to city hall and introduce myself to people there. I also see a way to volunteer as a police intern, which would be great for me to do also. I have plans to volunteer at NAMI as well since I took their class recently.

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