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Strategy to Make $1 Billion

April 5, 2018

I will stick with the T-shirt company because the business counseling people told me that has a chance of succeeding. My t-shirt company is about printing quirky t-shirts such as “Denial is Not Just A River In Africa” or the “No Stigma” T-shirt. The other t-shirt I like best for disabled people is the “No Pity” t-shirt. Oh, that one is a good one. My t-shirts will say “I have schizophrenia” among other things. This could be what gets me to the 1%. I’m going to give money away often to make billionaires who don’t buy animals for Africans feel bad.



This is the power of being rich in the world as it is now. I have the ability to give TED talks as well as inspire others to do what I did. If everybody were a billionaire, money wouldn’t matter so much. It doesn’t trickle down to the poorest, the homeless who have nothing. Money is what makes the world function but also what makes some people greedy. The ones who do not want for basic necessities and who do not give their money to those of us who need it. I have limited income but I’m trying to write copy to make money.



This is a successful strategy so far. I have made extra money writing copy. I’m trying to reach $150 this time around. I need to do my taxes after all but not until I make $150 again, twice. Or $100. The Internet bill has to be paid. Taxes can come later this month if need be. I simply want to never have to worry about money ever again. I want to have enough money to pay for school myself since I’m stuck doing it on my own. I’m not as spoiled as some people I used to know who would flunk out of massage school and her parents were okay with this. I am not allowed to flunk out of any academic institution I attend. There is another situation out there where this has happened. Believe me, I’m no coward who can’t go to class and finish what I start. I have managed to finish what I start every time I start something. I’m down to the last payment for my Penn Foster class. Really, I do not want to have to worry about money, ever, period. I feel strongly about this.



I want to be able to work as a pro-bono mental health and the law advocate to help people get on or off different medications. Some people do need medication while others do not. Honest psychiatrists don’t lie to people like this and tell them they need medication when they don’t. I have had a bunch of shady psychiatrists before, the ones who didn’t believe in schizophrenia as a genuine mental health diagnosis. I wasn’t diagnosed by one of those and I wasn’t diagnosed by someone else who was into the metaphysics but for shame, do not throw the baby out with the bathwater! I want to study acupuncture as well as psychiatry, standard Western medicine psychiatry. It is about melding both Eastern medicine and Western medicine to come up with something that can help somebody, not destroy their health. For all you dumb New Agers out there, nobody can tell me to stop taking my meds. This is a dangerous sentiment to play around with. If you say that, you will be paying up and dealing with my lawyer. From now on, people who harass me are going to pay up in cash or check form, reparations. Yes, ladies and gentleman, bullying reparations. Pay-up.



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