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How to Start a Revolution in the United States

May 14, 2018

We Americans have a long tradition of protesting. The foundation of our countries’ history is all about protesting. We are all about protesting when we are failed. Sometimes protesting is dangerous though. It can get us into trouble with The Man. Our protesting rights have always existed since the days of the Founding Fathers as we were established to make sure that everybody could practice their freedom of religion safely. Protesting is our civil right. Going to marches is something everybody has to do at least once in their lives. Starting a revolution or a walkout is something unique to ourselves.


Not every country allows for free protests. But then when you look at Charlottesville, Virginia, where a protest went horribly wrong, this was frightening. The Neo-Nazis are emboldened along with the far right because of who is in office right now. 45 got in way too easily and everybody looked the other way. The United States has a long history of racism and discrimination despite our lip service to our freedoms besides. We love the idea of freedom and free speech but well, the question remains as to how to improve on free speech.


To start a revolution means that I will have to start writing more about this. The student survivors of school shootings who were protesting and confronting the apathy of the far right were called crisis actors when in fact they are real people. There is always somebody who will bring someone else down, in particular, if they are trying to make a difference. Making a difference is hard because right-wingers are stubborn. At midterms in 2018, we have to vote many out of office. People are more open about their racist hostility in the aftermath of the Obama administration.


Obama proved to be responsible for security clearances as such. But he needs criticism as much as the next person. Although I have been reading How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. It is something and I want to take a class in. His biggest rule is don’t criticize other people. We Americans are free to criticize our leaders anyway we want, even Obama who by the way, was born in Hawaii for all you conspiracy nuts out there. He had a black dad and a white mother. He is biracial. He is the first biracial U.S. President for all the shit he had to deal with in office.


Electing a normal person into office was a huge step. Since Bush senior, all our presidents have been a touch narcissistic. A narcissist is a sociopath, a sociopath is a narcissist. This is why we need more non-narcissists like Kamala Harris in office. I plan on voting for her if she runs. We need to change the makeup of Congress itself. Why do you have to be 35 to run for higher office, even Congress? I have to wonder at that as I’m 37 now, and I’m able to run for office. I want to try running for district 10 in San Jose.

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