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Why Personality Disorders Need Therapy

May 29, 2018

Some people with personality disorders do not even see they have one. They don’t bother with therapy. They feel they are fine. And yet their behavior speaks volumes. Somebody with histrionic always needs to be the center of attention. Others somehow need to hate somebody all of sudden, as is the case with borderline. Still others, narcissistic types anyway, want to throw people around them under the bus and often times charming their way out of responsibility. People who are toxic, continue to be toxic, this is why it is important to dump toxic people out of your life. I did this to somebody who always needed attention.



My current set of friends are busy doing other things, and are much healthier for me than I ever thought possible. My coven gives me shit when shit is necessary, they don’t let me get a big head. I wish I could pay for therapy, so it would be nice if this blog made significant income. My copywriting is keeping me afloat here. I need therapy to undo my low self-esteem for example. Therapy is good for that. But no, there is no extra income to come for that. They want me to give up and go crawling back to them in Europe. But that won’t happen. I’m not going to give up so easily. Therapy is something I need, although I guess I could call the crisis line. I realize I do talk over people, I need to slow down a bit and listen more. I have to work on this habit. The Ferengi don’t listen to me because of their significant impairments caused by not taking medication. Joy, I need to make money and escape. That is plain what I’m going to do since I don’t want to be around people with problems who do not believe in therapy. I did log into the website for this one gig teaching English online. Money will come. It has quite flowed this month due to a book I bought on prosperity. I guess I need to fill my head with more books on that subject.



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