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To My Recovered Borderline Friends

May 31, 2018


There is such thing as beating your PD with lots of therapy and introspective work. Some of you have done this. I had to let go of an old friend who was probably both borderline/bipolar. The Ferengi is like that. I have to stay away from people with the combination. Accusing me of being the borderline doesn’t necessarily help your situation. I have had to let go of friends who I feel have this diagnosis, such as the Ferengi (a female). I am already in fact, to make my money and take myself on a real vacation.


As in, get away from home. Where, I do not know yet, but I have to concretely plan it. I have to figure out how to take the bus or the train to get to where I’m going. All I know is I want to be far away from the swindling Ferengi who have a Munchausen by Proxy diagnosis. So yes, I’m by far motivate to make money, extra income, publishing essays, writing books, and publishing books. Each week, I move up higher in the queue. I inch my way to success. I’m definitely financially frustrated. My knee is less frustrating though. I have to wait around for it to heal some more since it is inching its way to better. My conscious mind gets in the way of it bending though. Yesterday was an outright bad knee day. Today I didn’t walk around much.



I’m wondering what to do with myself for the rest of the afternoon. Write more? Nope. I decided to take the day off from Vocal Media today. It is my 27-year anniversary from being diagnosed type 1 diabetic. I have been on insulin that long. I want real answers from Palo Alto Medical Foundation since I have no idea what really happened. I have no clue what was written into my medical record, if I have one. All I know is, I would have benefited from medications designed for pediatric schizophrenia. I didn’t get meds until I was 20. Do the math on this? She had them all convinced I didn’t need medication. I mean some of my doctors were outright brainwashed. Wait until I write that book on psychic attack/brainwashing. I will help others build defenses against brainwashing


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