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Why My Psychic Talent Manifests During Frustration or Stress

June 4, 2018

It is no secret that on my Facebook page, my low-income status is royally bothering me. I mean, I’m hot and bothered. I need to write vent emails. I’m frustrated. I’m tense. I’m not bored, ever though. This is where some people want me though, people with ill will. My psychic talent of psychokinesis manifests when I’m really pissed off at something, or frustrated. I have witnessed super healings happen with this talent, the most recent being the disappearance of a gouge hole I put into my left index finger. It went down when I yelled at it to be gone. I also got ice.


I put an ice pack on the spot. I had used a lancet to remove a splinter. The lancet had to be used to do what I did. Not to gross anybody out. The splinter was successfully removed. The right side of my knuckle was inflamed. I yelled at it to go away, and took a Tylenol extra strength. Not ten minutes later, it faded. It is now a scab. I also healed myself of a boil in my month earlier this year, before Pantheacon. I got very pissed at that condition.


I got very pissed off at the situation. In general, I was livid. I was filled with rage at it. I have found that yelling at my health problems as though they were a demon invading my body is quite useful. I find myself able to yell at my health problems as though they are at fault for my misery, which they are. I get angry and I demand they leave, as this is almost a new healing technique I’m pioneering. I only woke up once tonight, which is progress since my affirmation of the day was “I demand to get a good night’s sleep for once. I demand it. You can’t say otherwise, body.” I’m just fed up with various health problems. I’m fed up with, such as diabetes related ones. I only woke up once today, which is progress with my middle of the night wake up habit. I assume sometimes, that a life or death fit brings on the bending. I’m trying to learn how to use PK on demand without anxiety or feeling like I shouldn’t do it. I am careful with how I use it though. If anything, because stress shouldn’t be a trigger.

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