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How To Treat Medication Side Effects with Reiki and Other Affirmation Work

June 5, 2018

I’m not only low calcium, I’m also low magnesium. I need to have a magnesium supplement along with everything else. Now, this article is about how to heal medication side effects. I learned from a theta healer how to bless my medication so that I do not get as many side effects. I did that the night before last night and my ankles are not swollen that much today. I did wake up a lot tonight though and last night I woke up only once and got up at five, but today I woke up at 6:00 a.m.


I woke up at 10:28 p.m. with my blood sugar at 193. I then went back to sleep. I did wake up several times. I want perfect diabetes, damn it, and I’m a brittle diabetic on top of it. Nobody said anything until recently about this. I mean I had a vague idea my diabetes is tough to control since I have freak highs or freak lows. But anyway, I’m a level 1 Reiki user. By the time I reach level 3 or grandmaster, I’m going to expect myself to maintain a diabetic average of 135.


But anyway, I have very high standards for this. Reiki helps medication side effects such as swollen ankles. Reiki can also take care of caffeine cravings. I just used it this way right now. Reiki can easily take care of headaches, problems swallowing as well as energy dips. Reiki helps my jaw problem, since sometimes my jaw aches when I open it or close it. Reiki helps digestive issues. I read Hands of Light in college when I had bad medication side effects when I got back on the meds, such as Abilify. I’ve been on many schizophrenia medications by now. I’m doing better than I ever have in my life right now in this present moment, 2018.


I’m doing light years better in some ways, than I ever was. My OCD is partially treated, I can cope with my mind playing tricks on me. I know it is my mental illness. Reiki helps with that too. In class yesterday, I made a rash on my hand vanish. I had a rash that was just random in appearance. I realized it was the soap. Reiki helped that rash vanish. My other technique for banishing illness is simply yelling at your illness. My pimples were invading my body, right? So I yelled at it. “Pimple go away. You have no right to be in my body, I banish you.” This means that my yelling at the pimple stimulates self-love, which means that I can heal the pimple through a rush of energy. I have found healing techniques that work. Now to try it on other people.

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