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I Do Not Take My Voice’s Shit

June 7, 2018


My voices get loud sometimes when I need one more medication. Medication always works, which is why I’m calling myself the Medication Nazi from now until I enroll in an M.D./Medical scientist program. I hear voices all the time saying bad things about me. In particular, the voice that calls me a r#t!rd. I know I’m not and never was. This was a rumor concocted by certain Ferengi. I’m freeing myself slowly from the voices. Lamictal is certainly helping. I decided to take one more medication. I felt I needed something else to soothe my constant anxiety problems.



I feel much better and more well-rested. I was having trouble last month because I was anxious from having to take the bus. The bus messed up my energy really good because I was exhausted anyway. This is why I said to my psychiatrist that I need one more medication. I am trying to work on my problems using self-help books since I don’t have a therapist but I need one, a real Ph.D., not interns. Interns are innocent and do not occasionally know stuff. In order to be an intern, you have to be enrolled in a Master’s degree program.


I’m not enrolled in anything except right now, which I need to finish. I’m close to finishing my psychic arts degree, which many metaphysical shops would look at as a reason to hire me as a Tarot reader. My voices keep telling me I will fail. They take on the sound of the Ferengi’s voices. I mean I hear, I will fail no matter what. This is why I try to give my voices to the Goddess so I don’t take their shit seriously. I take my medication daily which puts them to a dull roar. I do need a therapist that takes sliding scale. Greyschool is a gift that keeps on giving though since I could always start over and study something else but the thing is, I have to temper that desire because I need to limit what I enroll in online for real school. My first class will be psychology 1 at Foothill, Business 10 at De Anza, and well, one in the classroom class. I need to find a part-time job that helps me make money, as well as get my T-shirt business off the ground.

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