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How I’m Doing With Lamictal and My Goals

June 8, 2018

Lamictal is a great medication. It works. I’m feeling a bit better. I like it. Lamictal has calmed me down to the point where I can park in the garage just fine without fear. I’m still anxious at times but that is because I haven’t untrained myself on how to live without anxiety. I guess I make myself paranoid sometimes. I’m in need of a real Ph.D. therapist to help me deal with my anxiety better as well as my OCD. But yes, with what money. How do I make money to pay up? Getting enough sleep paves the way to make more money.



I’m trying to sleep at night. I succeeded at sleeping in until 7:30 yesterday. I took my personal branding class and learned a lot about workplace behavior. As in, don’t talk to people too much because that means you are wasting time. Lamictal really does make me feel better though. So I am less likely to talk a lot because I take my medication. Those who talk a lot have mania. They don’t know how to shut up like certain Ferengi who talk politics with people non-stop. He doesn’t know to shut up.



I try to avoid parties with my parents in it, that’s for sure. Lamictal is such a great medication, I do no need too much caffeine since I do not feel tired although I may dose myself just to get extra energy. By all rights, I’m doing fine. I finished my class. I have to wait until Advanced Accounting and Bookkeeping comes around again. I also need to take Powerpoint Advanced. I’m still without a job and I can’t work farther away than San Jose because commuting would just be plain bad for my health as it is bad for everybody else. Most people are just high on caffeine all the time, too high to notice how shitty they feel when they get to the office. They dose themselves in the afternoon too since full time workers need that extra pick me up. This is why I want to work part-time not full time. I need something easy even if it is food service. I’m fed up with my joblessness as well as I my “I can’t work” brainwashing. Oh yes, the Ferengi brainwashed me pretty good. I’m trying to put this shit on ignore but every application I send I feel, oh I suck, nobody’s going to hire me. Sure. Right. WTF? I’m done feeling this way. I want to feel good about my work prospects.


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