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I Never Had A Low IQ

June 15, 2018

This rant will be brief but it will discuss in plain, simple English why I never had a low IQ to begin with. The Ferengi lied about my IQ to my teachers. That is not fucking funny. I never had mental retardation, period. I had pediatric schizophrenia, which should have been easier to deal with had I been told it causes hallucinations and delusions. I spent my childhood afraid of myself. I was afraid of my brain, terrified really. I was delusional all the time but somehow managed to function. I was not allowed to take medication until my 20s. My hypothyroidism was not discovered until I was 20.


Believe the Ferengi (my family) at your own peril. I never had a low IQ but that was what they told my teachers even if Shebeast would go back to them saying I was smart. I spent my life paranoid about my IQ and whether I was on the autism spectrum or not, while in college. But these days, I know I’ m a pure schizophrenic who is not “neurotypical” or somebody without a mental health problem. My family is brainwashed to believe specific lies. On account of those lies, some have called me names on occasion. Quit doing that because you really do not want to piss me off.



I’m epically frustrated by my family not treating their illness. Two schizophrenics beget a schizoaffective, that is just a fact of life. I cannot be around their energy so I’m leaving for a vacation. If I can make money blogging, through my artwork, or working for my psychic hotline, then fine. I was bullied for no good reason growing up. I seek reparations from the bullies. If you can give me money, I need seed money for my business ideas. I will eventually publish a list of names and what they owe.


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