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Why I Will Never Drink Again

June 16, 2018


Sure, the deal is with some people, that if I start drinking again, I’m going to get a check for school money. I refuse this bribe. Drinking makes me unstable and unable to process stuff socially. It is not better when I drank, oh no, and somebody said that to me so that’s why I’ve blown them off for family holidays the last two years. I betcha he’s still wondering what he did to make me disappear. I disappeared, deal with that, as I do not want to die of alcohol poisoning, overdose, or just plain good old manipulation.


Alcohol is my kryptonite, I have spoken of this on Facebook plenty of times in an effort to keep loopy fruit loops away from me. I grew up as a caffeine addict using soda, and caffeinated tea just to focus on schoolwork, which I could barely focus on sometimes. Caffeine didn’t help. Caffeine provides fake sobriety. I plan on updating this blog every day this month and twice a day, the next. It is a job I can stand, and one that has opened the door to make money. I mean I hope I make significant income.



All alcohol does to most people is poison your body. Sure it tastes good, but sooner or later addicts need to stop drinking. You addicts are blocked on Facebook because I want nothing to do with your addiction. I will not be home for people to come back. I’m not going to wait around for the Ferengi to come back. I refuse to be home so they can victimize me. It is why I’m leaving the day before they show up. I want to make enough significant income so I can take the bus somewhere. I need to go on a real vacation. I also need money for new clothing but that’s not going to happen any time soon unless this blog can make money. In which case, I need to update it daily.


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