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Why Drinking is a Bad Habit on This Planet

June 17, 2018

Drinking is commonplace. Alcohol is everywhere. People use it to relax. Some of us know our limits but others do not. We shall say that the Ferengi are like this (my family). I decided to admit I have a problem. In Spain, at 18, my cousins got me drunk years ago. I’m not as drunk now as I was then, because my drinking didn’t help my schooling. I started at 21 and didn’t quit until 30. I admit that I have a problem. I’m an alcoholic. I do 12 step groups.



Nobody else I know is willing to admit they have problems. I was hanging out with marijuana secondhand smoke for way too long as well. I like my personality clean and sober even if I find I have trouble with standing up for myself when run down, which is when somebody will pick on me. Alcoholism is everywhere. Nobody who has it really sees it as a problem since many drink too much. More than 1 drink is past the limit, and you have to wait a while in order to drive. I finally kicked my alcoholism to the curb in 2010, when in 2007; I saw that it atrophies my social skills as well as my discernment. Alcohol is not good for me.


That is my bottom line. My family would sooner expect me to start drinking because “it was better when you drank.” Oh yes, singing the praises of booze or cigarette smoking. How delusional is that? Very. Smoking can kill you and so can alcohol. Some of us know how to limit our drinking while others do not. I stay away from people who drink now. I demand they stay away from me. I have totally quit drinking and I feel sober for life. I haven’t had a drink in at least 8 years or perhaps more? You see, my cousins pointed out my behavior in which I had three drinks at a bar in town back when I used to live in Mountain View. I’m still appalled that I got that plastered on a regular basis. In college, the time to be a heavy drinker, I had a high tolerance. Now I’m not necessarily able to drink and that would destabilize me. The rare moments alcohol has sneaked into my food, I have managed to go to bed early feeling wasted. I do not do alcohol in food though. I have had a few accidental intakes over the years, but I’ve finally beaten my alcohol addiction for good.


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