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An Anger Room In San Jose and Other Parts of the Bay

June 18, 2018

I need to establish an Anger Room but I have limited seed money and at this time other projects like the t-shirt business are more important. A concept such as the Anger Room is established out of Dallas, Texas. I would like to start franchises all over the Bay Area, such as San Jose, Berkeley, San Francisco, and Palo Alto. This company is quite serious about having a safe place where stressed out people can lash out in a contained, safe environment. The Dallas, Texas location is worth visiting since it is the only open location worldwide at the moment.



However, people who are pregnant, with severe health issues and mental illness are not allowed to participate unless they have a note from a doctor so as to need special arrangements to be made. I have some major frustration issues but my knee being the way it is with the injury is probably why I am not allowed to participate until it heals. Being as low-income as I am right now, I cannot start a franchising opportunity since I have to make extra money first. I’m fascinated by the Anger Room concept in general because my whole life I have carried around pent-up frustrations without many opportunities to release it. My friends do not want to hear me venting if my frustration is my untreated family who do not take medication.
Now that is frustrating. The Anger Room is marketing itself as a safe place to vent, as they are opening another Texas location and a Kentucky location. I’m very interested in having a franchise someday. At the Anger Room, it would seem there is no judgment, public humiliation, and consequences. ( The rooms are outfitted with stress relief props that you can break. The whole concept of the anger room is something I’m fascinated by. I can get a note from every doctor I have if you want. This is interesting and it is why I’d be happy to set up a franchise if I could.


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