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The New World Order

June 19, 2018


We live in intense times. The world’s wealth is not being distributed evenly as the 1% grow richer. These are people who on a whim, start wars, make sure despots get elected, and do a lot to undermine sustainability by pushing fossil fuels on Earth humans. Earth humans leave a lot to be desired as we consume goods that are wrapped in plastic packaging that doesn’t easily biodegrade. We have many chemicals on earth that cause health problems. Most do not attribute the cause of pollution to be the cause of illness, but it is there.


We are responsible for polluting our environment in this incarnation, yet again. If this planet is 4 billion years old, many civilizations have come and gone, some have destroyed themselves and others may have survived, morphing to adapt with their changing times. Fossil fuels are getting old. More options for fuels are slowly presenting themselves. You cannot always count on alternative fuels however since many are still in development. The fossil fuel industry is kicking and screaming to stay in power, even as ways to turn plastic back into oil are being worked on by scientists in Japan. They are terrified of changing times.


If every developed country in the world has money as a system of currency or exchange, then we are living under global fascism because democracy may or may not exist. This applies to every country that has money/debit/credit. Our need for credit is what enslaves us. We are pushed around by money. This is why universal income needs to be put together. Some more progressive, Scandinavian countries do this. They manage to have universal income, if only because the income means that everybody has a chance. There is so much poverty in the United States alone. Homeless people want to work even though they are just stuck in the mutual ruts of alcoholism and drug addiction. It is time to bring about a day when rich people start to distribute their wealth to the common people. Class is determined by income. Money does this to people. It is disconcerting that some people have multiple homes, cars, etc. while others go with nothing. We have to change this income inequality on our planet because Earth is all we have. We are so primitive that some people have the expectation to go without. This is troublesome because we need to change the way things are done since other countries do not have as many homeless as the United States does.


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