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I Do Not Have a Low IQ

June 22, 2018


Some people just enjoy making shit up. I do not have a low IQ, I never had a low IQ. My IQ falls within normal ranges. I’m sure if I ever got around to a Stanford-Binet IQ, I’d rate quite high. I mean, Mensa high. People in college sure found my paranoias revolving around my disability quite funny, funny enough to get picked on for it when that was unnecessary hostility. In college, I determined I shouldn’t speak to people about it although after college, I didn’t get my schizoaffective diagnosis until I was 30, and by then I worked hard to quit drinking because I’m a functional alcoholic.


Drinking is an all-around bad habit. I quit drinking because I wanted to stop driving my brain into the ground with it. Drinking can cause alcohol-related brain damage as if schizophrenia doesn’t already cause it. I have a normal IQ however, and anybody who called me a retard in college needs to pay up. Donate to my GoFundMe, for example, which is only asking for $1,000. I’m busy trying to make a living. I have partially succeeded. I’m chunky right now which makes me need to lose weight. I have a strong need to do this because I have worked to get myself to the point of doing better with my weight.


You see, the Ferengi chose to lie about my IQ to my teachers in school. I do not have a low IQ, this is a ridiculous claim since low IQ doesn’t run in my family, period, although I would have certain family members evaluated for schizophrenia and dementia. Sadly, this lie really bothers me but that’s why they do it. To get under my skin, specifically and besides that, I know somebody talked about my disability to my neighbors if only because somebody asked me how to get her son on SSI because he wasn’t. Yes, I know somebody talked.


The thing is, distant relatives, who are reading this in English, I think you need to view the Ferengi in a suspicious light until they get medication and get stable. How can one survive without medication? This is ridiculous. Both have a disability, a severe, life-impacting disability. If people need to wear hearing aids, then wear one. This is why I’m escaping to Mt. Shasta when they come back. I need to get the hell away from my family for a vacation. A real vacation and a way to research UFO contactees as well as uncover some stuff on my own.

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