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Sheesh, I Used to Be An AntiVaxxer like in 2009

June 23, 2018

2009 was a rough year for me as I was unstable still, although my psychokinesis was manifesting a lot, and I was still an alcoholic trying to quit alcohol as well as getting embroiled in constant drama with my family. So I was trying to quit drama and alchy at the same time. They are totally unaware, btw, of how much constant drama they throw around. I have since not had that to complain about at home because they left me alone with moving to Spain. I’m just done being around unstable Narcissists, and people who do not think they need therapy. Somebody who says that is a red flag. I’m more determined than ever to avoid toxic people or situations.


I was an anti-vaxxer once, in 2009 with the swine flu I decided not to get any vaccines that year. I wound up not getting sick since the flu that bad could have hospitalized me. I have yet to deal with the flu while living on my own but see, living without other people means I do not always get their germs. This is why I enjoy living by myself. ::GRIN:: I bought into the bullshit that vaccines caused autism. No, they don’t. Vaccines do not cause autism, I have since met my friends on the autism spectrum who sorted me out. Then it hit me that the last people on earth I suspected of having autism, have autism if they have at least one kid on the spectrum.
My understanding of ADD is quite limited, however, because I haven’t read enough about it or taken schoolwork on this mental illness. I have met people who have it though, a whole family, and it runs on both sides of the Ex’s family. I mean I’ve also met friends who have ADD in their family too, passed from mother to daughter. Some people can go forever, chugging along with their illness in tow. Just look at my untreated family who don’t take meds for any reason. Not even for other arthritic conditions they have. Constant pain is preferable to treatment? I mean many of my illnesses were not treated in time.


Diabetes put me in the hospital. But well, I was an anti-Western medicine person until 2012. I got on the right medication, I managed a stint at the psychic hotline. I now am working that job as an attempt at something akin to full-time or part-time employment. Back in 2012, I was attempting to lose weight. I succeeded in losing weight by 2014. From 2012-2016 I was stable and having a good time despite my fractured tibia and dislocated kneecap. I have more reasonable, less paranoid thoughts on everything when I take my medication. I was no longer prone to paranoid thoughts about my interest in conspiracy theory or aliens for that matter. I was no longer paranoid that people were talking about me or conspiring against me. In fact, these days, nobody can tell I have schizophrenia.


I used Toastmasters to learn better social skills along with making myself figure out what normal people are like since my family has personality disorders amongst their difficulties. This is why I’m off to Mt. Shasta when they come back. Consider this my first research trip since I need to find other contactees among other more outlandish things I don’t want to mention. I have seen UFOs, five lights traveling in a row on a cruise ship that was near the Catalina Islands. The five lights made a circle and then disappeared, so began my lifelong interest in science fiction and UFOs. I want to write my own UFO researcher book as to when our first contact will happen.

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