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I’m an Alcoholic –Quit Offering Me Alcohol.

June 24, 2018


Since 2010, I haven’t touched booze. I’m an alcoholic and I know it by now because I can’t control my drinking. Alcohol makes me way too conventional while taking shit from everybody who gives me shit. It atrophies my social skills because I forget to analyze true intentions. I stay away from that substance because I’m already a sugar junkie. Sugar addiction in childhood points the way to alcoholism as an adult. Sugar helps kids as well as adults, with their focus. Sugar does, however, mess up your metabolism, because you need more of it to be able to pay attention to anything at all.


Alcohol is merely sugar and wheat (beer) or sugar and grapes (wine) that have been fermented. Vodka can come from a variety of plant sources such as potatoes or molasses or grapes. I was into all of it. I had a very high tolerance. You see I was drinking on meds. I happen to be vaguely aware of other people who do this. Alcohol was once used as medicine but it is addicting to me personally. Drinking on medication is the worst, as I lost a lot of good judgment right there. I start having social skills issues, and I become very compliant.


I’m sure this is why the Ferengi would love it if I drink a lot again. They are busy denying they have a problem although sometimes they can stick their heads out of the duck blinds they are ensconced in. They are truly trapped in their duck blinds. If I ever go back to drinking, instant rehab for me, and I do need more comprehensive treatment than I’m getting right now as I do not have a therapist, period. I can’t drive all the way to Mountain View to go to Community Health Awareness Council anymore.


I need a sliding scale company that allows people to pay this way based on income or lack thereof. I mean in my family, some have hinted, drink and I pay for school. The answer is no, alchy pusher, no means no. How firm do I have to be? No, I do not drink. I don’t touch alcohol. It is my kryptonite because I lose my super-strength. I have trouble walking past the alcohol aisle. I do not want to touch alcohol ever again. THE BOTTOM LINE IS THAT I’M AN ALCOHOLIC WILLING TO ADMIT IT WHILE OTHER PEOPLE ARE NOT. This stance on alcohol goes to family friends as well. NO-MEANS NO. I don’t drink, not even on Christmas. NO, MEANS NO. Don’t be rude to addicts who have admitted they have a problem, which is more than I can say for you.

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