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Marijuana And Contact Highs

June 25, 2018


I used to get contact highs from inhaling marijuana smoke because I used to hang out with somebody who smoked. He was careful about his smoke when there were people in the yard. I’m clean now though because I quit hanging out with this person. Marijuana only makes you feel better temporarily because it works in the moment to calm you down. I’m okay with people who use both meds and marijuana, however, I feel uncomfortable around marijuana in the past as well as the present. Contact highs got into my system, but I realize that marijuana is addictive. I gave it up.


Marijuana is not an easy drug to break your habit of. In the end, I had to stay away from somebody who smoked. Well, anybody who smokes at least. I once took a pee test for a shelter, it was positive for marijuana. I had to make myself single because being around someone who smoked was triggering. Growing up I was an inhalant junkie. So I already knew something about sniffing stuff and getting high. I was forced to quit inhalants alone because nobody saw it fit to let me tell a doctor I was doing that.


I had to get through separation from the Ex, one week at a time, one day at a time, one month at a time. I managed to succeed at quitting being around other smokers. I feel less spacey. Although marijuana did work for stuff like taking a medication such as Effexor, which I needed in my remote past to manage my anxiety as well as get organized. For a psychic, marijuana can make your abilities go out of control. Until my knee injury, I had to exercise a lot to keep the weight off, which I succeed at until my injury forced me to have a sedentary lifestyle. These days, I’m stable. I’m trying to avoid the Bay Area show scenes because of the marijuana floating around in that environment. I’m now clean of marijuana smoke although last night somebody was smoking in public and I smelled it. It smelled gross and I had to cover my nose. I’m so done with that substance, totally done.

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