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Sexual Harassment 6/26/18

June 26, 2018


Today’s post is about sexual harassment since I’m going to clarify exactly what makes somebody’s behavior such. Sexual harassment is defined as unwanted sexual advances, so if a coworker asks you out on a date, this is designed to make you feel uncomfortable. Dating a coworker is quite difficult. You cannot just give it up to the said coworker because they will take advantage of you. You cannot harass people for their gender, not even a woman harassing a man. Gender is variable these days. You cannot harass somebody for being gender non-conforming, anyway. Gender non-conforming people are not inclined to label themselves male or female in a binary way. Non-binary means you do not conform to one gender.



Sexual harassment includes picking on somebody for being homosexual. Making offensive comments about gay people or women is all about harassing somebody with those profane comments. Flirting with a woman on the job is also sexual harassment. Brainwashing a woman into taking your abuse is definitely emotional abuse/sexual harassment. Making for a hostile work environment also counts as sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is a negative thing to do somebody. Some men have a long history of sexual harassment because they want to.


Sometimes, asking a coworker out on a date repeatedly until they say yes, counts as sexual harassment. Not knowing somebody else’s boundaries is a part of the act of sexual harassment. Putting up pictures demeaning women causes a hostile work environment as well. It may be best to leave environments where sexual harassment happens. Simple teasing is not against the law but making crude comments is. Frequent sexual harassment is against the law. Starting a relationship at work means that one party has to find a new job. Otherwise, the relationship won’t be able to manifest since that arrangement makes working more complicated. You do not want to be manipulated into a relationship by somebody who starts one via sexual harassment.



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