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Going to Shasta in October

June 29, 2018

When my knee gets all the way better, I have plans to go to Mt. Shasta. These plans include finding contactees who don’t annoy me with dumb New Ager stuff, also finding the people who live under Mt. Shasta. I want to write a good journalism piece on this. Average people in Mt. Shasta do not know many of them I’m sure, but I want to at least see one. You see, I have a story posted on this blog to private because I hesitate to share that I’m a contactee myself. It is a rather bizarre story but it involves getting lost in the woods with my dad when I was 3.


There are three military bases close to Yosemite. I didn’t know this until I Googled it. So my memory involves troops in a combat exercise in the woods. I have had a lifelong interest in military things since then, which is why I latched onto science fiction back then as well as getting into it in my adult life. I’m convinced because of a few scattered memories-that something bizarre happened. I wrote this down in one of my journals and forgot that the spirit guides helped me make peace with that memory the day I wrote it down, 8/10/10.


I’m also going to Shasta to find myself a hypnotherapist who is not a whack job. I want to see a friend and go see a hypnotherapist who will be able to help me piece this stuff together. There have been contacts throughout my life but only when I go to rural areas. So out of fear for my safety, I stay in cities despite how crowded they get and how bad that is for my mental health. I’ve thought about moving to Seaside, CA to live and commute to UCLA by plane. But then again, I also need on-campus housing. Nothing terrifies me more than standing on a street corner in Los Angeles whether alone or with somebody also talented, like me. This is why I haven’t tried so hard to get a job. Maybe it’s a procrastination thing. I applied to Virtual Assistants Jobs. We shall see what results.

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