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Stress Management Self-Help

June 29, 2018

I have spent my whole life stressed out. I now know what it is like to not have heavy stress on me just the last two years alone since my parents moved. High levels of stress in your life are not healthy to maintain. Stress can erode your immune system. What happens to you is that your brain feels threatened by stress. If your brain concocts stress for you, then your body will respond by causing damage to your systems without you knowing what is happening to you. I’m a type 1 diabetic who can literally feel a brain cell dying when I have severe low blood sugar.



Prolonged stress can make type 1-diabetes much worse. A work from home job would cause me less stress. I am now in control of my life because I dumped two friends of mine who were high maintenance as well as my family. ( I’m in control of my life in the now, since according to The Relaxation & Stress Reduction Workbook, too much stress can cause “a prolonged stress response can worsen conditions such as arthritis, chronic pain, and diabetes. There are also some indications that the continued release and norepinephrine during a state of chronic stress can contribute to depression and anxiety (3).


My medication helps me with stress management since I’m no longer an anxious wreck although my anxiety does make me sense stuff when I’m giving a psychic reading. Procrastination is a huge source of stress for me because I am learning how not to fall victim to it. I’m eventually going to go to Michael’s to finish my assignment. I’m working on a psychic arts degree but stress factors into my procrastination with my work sometimes for that school. I tend to lapse into “I don’t want to” mode. This is why I need to make more progress to get to year 6. Someday soon, I will be done.


My stress quiz actually wound up at 95, because I have less of a chance to get ill. Stress from my mental illnesses can cause me more stress. This is why I make sure to keep my life low stress. I know when I’m too stressed out to do something. Today I slept in from 6-8 a.m., which has me feeling great despite the high that then led to a low. I was sleeping in while low, and this is not a good thing but eventually, I woke up. I used to have a knee that I could use in physical exercise. My knee is coming back slowly though. For the next month, I intend on using a stress journal. Breathing and releasing tension are all stress management techniques. Meditation does lower my blood pressure, which is chronically high due to stress, my medication, and something I have had since I was 19, if only because of my health problems caused by my untreated schizophrenia. Now that I’m treated though, stress almost doesn’t exist for me. Sure there is financial stress from being low income, but that is not necessarily a big deal since I signed up for virtual assisting. I’d say, on the whole, I feel great today.

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