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Love and Relationship Addiction

June 28, 2018

People who cannot stay in one relationship when they drift towards others are addicted to relationships. These are people who are unable to break up with their partners. Some sex addicts are addicted to sex acts themselves or view sex as a biological function. Some addicts have irritability when they do not have sex, as some are also alcoholic. Sex addiction manifests when an individual is unable to stop seeing a person even if you know they have destructive or self-destructive tendencies. ( A high can come from romantic behaviors or fantasies. Love addiction is an addiction to a relationship itself.



Some have problems with idealized romantic relationships that they find appealing. Even an avoidance of sex, love or emotional attachment is seen as a problem. ( As it is now, my problem is avoiding attachments to anybody. Even if I start school whether online classes or in the classroom, I’m still going to have to fend off the boys. This, in fact, makes me paranoid. This is why I avoid boys in general or men my age only. It is important to date in your age bracket. This is the mature and sensible thing to do anyway. A three-year age difference is not significant.



But 10 years? Not that great. If you do not hear back from a man, and you think dark, depressing things, you have a problem. Dating is fraught with peril. One thing I know for sure is that I want to be with someone available for the right reasons. I’m patient enough to wait it out, not get married because all my friends are getting married. No. I’m patient enough to wait. Male sex addicts do that whole massage parlor or strip club thing. ( I want to be with somebody healthy enough to have the self-love necessary to make themselves feel better by taking care of themselves. As in, if on medication, being consistent, treated for their bad habits, such as drinking, and in general doing well by working part-time or full-time but able to balance their time reasonably because they are able to set boundaries with people. If a guy doesn’t text me back, I’m like, whatever. I have other stuff to do. I stay busy. I might start volunteering for a domestic violence shelter in the hopes I can start one of my own for people escaping abusive families. I have a bunch of non-profit start-up guides that can help me piece this together. Time to read a lot this weekend and I know to avoid toxic situations, people, or men.

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