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How I Heal my Fingers

July 3, 2018

I’m a type 1-diabetic, and I need to come up with some healing rituals. I’m trying to fix my calluses because they exist. I yell at them to leave my body but yet I’m hanging on to the energy of those calluses as well as my knee being stiff thing. I have an excuse not to travel, and to drive everywhere. I just talked to my insurance so they are looking for me to email my doctor and get a cane that way. To heal yourself, you can loudly channel your energy like I did to heal my boil in my mouth. It was there one minute, gone the next. I have never thought instantaneous healing on that level to be possible. I thought that was all science fiction.


Until it became science fact, that is because I mean one minute I’m using my tongue and wondering how the fuck am I going to treat this with salt water? To omfg, it’s gone. Wow. Just what deity up and healed me? How did I heal myself? Could I really heal my calluses instantaneously? I mean I’ve had bruises from my infusion set suddenly look less dark purple to black. I mean one minute it looks terrible, the next it heals. According to one endocrinologist I had, I can use my stomach indefinitely as an infusion site. This means I heal completely. I don’t use old sites that have a big mark on it. Since I’m half a brown person or a “half-breed,” my skin turns brown. I’m a minority anyway since I’m half Chilean and half Spanish-speaking white person. Yes, I pass for white.


Instant healing only happens in science fiction and fantasy books or TV shows. But maybe in the remote past, it was real. Somehow the power got diluted over time since not many people unless you’ve studied energy work, know how to instantly heal someone else or themselves. My gimpy knee has taken forever to heal. I mean I was already healed all the way under anesthesia’s proof but I was still stiff until I got Reiki on my knee.


If I had enough income, I’d go get Reiki elsewhere but sessions are expensive. I can do it for myself but some feel my mind is interfering with my knee. Or other people’s energy from their fear of me working and making money, essentially bucking the parental money stream. Yes, this scares the Ferengi. I suppose my fingers heal daily. I mean when I healed myself from that gross thing, I felt a heat enter my body from the crown or top of my head. There one minute, gone the next. I didn’t think that stuff was possible, period. You see-I’m a skeptic. Believers find that hard to take. Even with all my talent, I always look for proof. Proof is essential to the way I do things. I look for proof. I even tell people at the psychic hotline that they need to find proof and call me back.


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