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Type-1 Diabetes: My Almost Supernatural Control

July 4, 2018


From 5th grade to 12th grade, I had very good control over my diabetes. After about 12, I fought for my free will to make my own choices. Eventually, I outdid myself. This is still true today. I work hard at diabetes management. I have always had supernatural control even with the insulin pump. I’ve passed out from diabetes once in my life, in Chile. The circumstances that brought this on were my own stupidity and stuff that cannot be mentioned in public just yet. Since 2006, I have not passed out in 12 years. Count that people, 12 years out of 27.


This is a fabulous track record. Around the Ex, I made sure that I could keep my blood sugar under control. I have type-1 diabetes with no complications according to my medical records. My meds help me stay stable. All my treatments work together even if I’m on 10 medications. Some people may have issues with that but you know what? I’m stable. What matters more is the opinion of my religious community, and not anybody else. When they tell me good job, I believe it as opposed to the Ferengi who want me to fail.


I mean here is a psychic link where I hear the seething all the time. I like my meds, I like being healthy, and I certainly enjoy being stable. To not take medication for a mental health problem condemns the sufferer to constant pain. I mean I need my meds for simple things like going out to eat in a crowd, participating in my coven without getting wound up, driving and more. I need my medication to stay stable. I think some people in certain religious groups may not approve of this but it is necessary for my mental health. One memory of high school and I guarantee you I’m taking my medication. My insulin pump helps me afford my supernatural control. I’m a brittle diabetic in addition because I fluctuate at the slightest thing. Stress in particular which I’m trying to learn better management of. I get stressed easily and I’m trying to learn how to undo this.


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