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Insulin Pumper

July 4, 2018

As an insulin pump user, I have perfect diabetes in my grasp. No more excuses. I’m trying my best to win the fight to sleep the whole night. Lately, I’ve managed to wake up at 7 a.m. every day for a week. At least I’m not waking up at 5:00 a.m., simply because I went to bed at 7, the first year I have lived by myself since college when I had roommates. I live on my own now though because I can’t stand roommates. I’d rather not deal with their energy grating on my energy, thus getting on my nerves.


I have to not have a middle of the night high blood sugar event. I’m very close to perfect in the afternoon. I’m close to having a day when I only bled six times instead of the usual ten, or even five times a day versus the usual ten. I’m just looking forward to winning this fight that I have waged war on since 2012 or earlier. College was awesome because I did sleep the whole night or at least almost the whole night, save that half a semester period that I wasn’t taking medication. I’m working on getting my life together such as getting a source of income going besides writing fiction, which I have to send out to other markets.


I also need to get painting supplies but my trip to Michael’s next week will feature getting a dream pillow kit. I may or may not have an amethyst in the house, which is another component of my dream spell. This is my final assignment. I’m terribly stuck. I actually have one more essay to work on. My infusion set totally came out yesterday, as in the tape lost it’s sticky properties or didn’t originally have it. So I had to change my infusion set abruptly before going into the pool. Changing it in the afternoons is worth it because you get to save a lot of insulin as opposed to changing it in the morning. Today I’m not driving anywhere this Fourth of July because I have had strings of high blood sugar from the low. You eat to compensate the low, and that is why you wind up with a high blood sugar, from the munchies. Well, anyway, I am close to perfect diabetes, my blood sugars being high or not, I will nail it eventually.


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