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Open-Mic Night

July 5, 2018

I want to try an open-mic night sometime. This is because I want to make my comedic debut. But you see, I do not like to be the center of attention. I’m kind of an introvert with an extrovert button. I lead a very quiet life but I speak out on my blog and on Facebook. I do not go to protests; I have my own way of doing things quietly underhanded. Open-mic night begins my career in comedy, which I’m free to pursue by now. I’ve always maintained my adult legal rights by taking my medication. I have endless material on several fronts.



I don’t want to get myself into trouble with ribald jokes though. I can’t say anything too controversial even though that may yet happen. I just love being in the now though. Open-mic night has to happen when I go to a coffee shop that has them in downtown San Jose. I need to get this done soon enough because I want to wow my audiences. Although the thing is, I’m feeling terrified about open-mic even if it is kept to 15 minutes. I do have a lot of experience with public performance, however, and I’m going to be able to keep up with open-mic night.


It will be interesting to get up on stage and perform. This is something I have never tried. The thing is, I’m nervous. I was wondering who may show up. I live in San Jose now, but I didn’t have the nerve to do open-mic night while I lived in Mountain View. What makes me think I have the nerve to do an open-mic night in San Jose? How funny am I? Some have said twice, in junior college, and State, that I’d be funny enough to be on Saturday Night Live. Somehow I want to try comedy to see where it gets me. In particular, if you get paid for performances. I just read that comedy can pay $18 an hour or $30,000 a year. Let’s see what happens. (


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