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July 12, 2018

Narcissists pick fights out of wanting a source of narcissistic supply, any attention is better than no attention as ignoring the narc doesn’t work because they work harder to nitpick you into a fight, “they claim to hate drama.” (

Yet they start it more often than not” but they deny “DENY DENY DENY the lie until the cows come home,” *( Sheesh, Amen, because that when this fact is pointed out, they don’t like it since it contradicts their bullshit self-image of “I’m a nice person.” Causing chaos is their #1 game, because they want to make you feel bad. This is why I have to eliminate narcissists from my life. Narcissists are nitpickers. I’m not going to be around this holiday season, because I’m into avoiding my family over the holidays. Not that they miss me, my presence is hardly noticed. I’m put on ignore. Thanks, gee, what a way to treat a guest.

Getting angry at a narcissist makes them very happy because the act of picking the fight makes them feel good. Narcissists want you to react to their bullshit. A behavior I see all too often in my family. Yes, this is why I’m avoiding them and I’m bringing this up out in the open. They won’t see me the whole holiday season. Narcissists want to win these arguments by making you out to be the one who looks bad. I know who a narcissist is in certain family friends, believe me, I avoid these people. This is why many people say to cut the fight picking evil person out of your life.

The fact is, I’m not touching alcohol ever again in my life. I can’t. It destabilizes me. Some people don’t get not to offer alcohol to a recovering alcoholic. Narcissists get triggered into shame easily because their self-concept actually is worse than what they show on the outside. Narcissists and borderlines love denial as a defense mechanism. Their denial is epic. This is why I avoid people like that. Since nobody in my family wants me around as a treasured guest, but rather an annoyance if I say anything of value or show I have my own personality and thoughts as I’m somebody they’d rather not hear from, who merely observes their habits. Narcissists are not people who treat other people fairly anyway. Normal people do not pick fights as many people with personality disorders do. I don’t want to be accused of stuff I don’t do, so I avoid anybody with a PD unless they are treated and it is under control, which is what many of my friends know how to do if they’ve managed to be in control of their mental health. I’m trying to make myself hang out with healthy people more.

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