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July 12, 2018

Narcissists think they are special, that they are better than everybody else around them. They have an entitlement complex, telling their victims they shouldn’t have one at all, because normal people do not. Rich narcissists demand special treatment all the time everywhere they go. Narcissists are very rude on top of that but they hide it through a polite veneer, which makes their victims not see their rudeness. They announce what they did to someone, such as playing a mind-game, and they are the sorts of non-stop bullies who enjoy outright intimidating people. Narcissists are cruel and if they have schizophrenia on top of the narcissism, they will never seek help.

Seeking help is not their M.O. They dislike therapy since the therapist doesn’t tell them good things. Narcissists are after one thing “narcissistic supply” also known as admiration. They get jealous if somebody more appropriate than they are gets attention. Narcissistic people are very much caught up in their own little universe where some people do not exist. Narcissistic people dislike being confronted on their wrongdoing because they cannot admit they are wrong. They do not see their chromic mistreatment of others as a problem.

They feel they are above the law. They think they are so special; they have the right to mistreat a person. Mistreating people is habitual for Narcs because they like it. They will never treat people around them well. They like causing pain and suffering. They want to create misery all the while acting like a nice person who charms the pants off of their victims. They throw you into a tailspin of doubt, or even self-doubt. Self-doubt is the worst because you are gaslit into thinking that nothing is going on when it is. They pretend to be trustworthy. Narcissists are best kicked to the curb.

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