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July 11, 2018

There are ways I can make money off of my blog by updating it two to three times a day in order to drive traffic or make more views. I signed up for Max Bounty because I wanted to post affiliate links. They actually do give you advice on what campaigns to run. There is some guidance, which makes me feel a lot better to have it, than just relying on my own ideas. I had no idea blog sponsorships even existed but its’ about a company paying you to promote your product, such as my work with Beach Body ( All I had to do was copy the link.

A sponsored and new blog post must have a custom field inserted to let readers know the post is sponsored. California regulates promotions of alcohol while Massachusetts regulates tobacco related promotions. I would not promote tobacco or alcohol on my blog as I had to inhale cigarette smoke as child as well as my forays into alcoholism in my20s. WordPress can be used for many different situations such as a job board, selling digital products, online courses and webinars. You can sell eBooks or other physical products when you get the business WordPress stuff. You can also structure your webpage to add a Paypal donation button or Stripe.

The more traffic you have, the more money you make. I need to increase my traffic on this website. If you upgrade to business on WordPress, you need to use plugins. You can make WordPress themes, as well as customizing them. I have had my WordPress blog since around 2015, and I only monetized it this year. I’m looking to make actual income. You can offer freelance writing courses, and that is one way I’m able to make money with WordPress.

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