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July 10, 2018

What is Affiliate Marketing?


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What is affiliate marketing? The above link is a great example, because clicking on it is worth $20.00 of money in my low-income pocket. Affiliate marketing according to the acceleration partners website, because of the system earning 5-10% of online revenue. A merchant pays the linkee a commission on referring new business towards the merchant. The person leaving the link may write a promotional post such as this one so that they could promote the merchant’s site. The days of affiliate marketing began with coupons and loyalty sites. Content bloggers eventually took their place in many other programs.


Affiliate marketing is about banners, links, email promotions, and more. It means that you can earn passive income from one post, without having to do much besides posting the link because merchants want customers, which they keep track of with cookies. Making affiliate marketing a personal success story is something you can do with effort. Some affiliate markets are paid to join while some are free to join. There is no need to create a product or service. There is no stocking or shipping of orders since you work from anywhere.


As far as competition goes, only great affiliate programs have that in mind. Your statistics are what help you to make money. Starting and monetizing a blog helps you promote your affiliate link. To market an affiliate program you post a link. Clickbank alone has many affiliate programs, which makes it great for people with more experience since I am struggling with how to use Clickbank, by finding products you would like to promote. The promote button is next to the marketplace listing. You also look for a popular key word that you make lists of. Another Google search determines your SEO, which means Search Engine Optimization. Your blog serves two purposes besides being a place to put links, its to inform or sell and it is not cool to make up information about what you are selling. You leave links in your blog so that you can send readers to that link in your story. Building 5-10 back links daily can help. You have to keep an eye on your affiliate programs, one eye on your blog, another eye on your programs. And there you have it, how to market affiliate products, its really easy.




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