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Bullies Don’t Stop Harassing People: They Are The Ones With the Problem

July 10, 2018

A bully is the one with the problem, not you, such as certain climates of bullying at certain mental health clinics out here in San Jose. Bullies love to throw people off balance. They enjoy making people miserable. They rely on the surprise factor when they use verbal aggression. Some people like putting other people under fire or on the defense. They like making people squirm you see, so you have to make people squirm back. Squirming is easy to do to a bully since they want to intimidate you. Like the guy, I made to tremble in fear.
I can intimidate many people into shaking. One good night’s sleep and I’m ready to throw intimidation around. I find ways of staying grounded in my power. Many cannot cope with this. Even if I’m silent, that is another way of intimidating other people. Shaming them effectively means that you stay silent because you are busy trying to get them to see that they are in the wrong. Silence worked on a bully in CW 550 because she was busy trying to get a response while saying “She is such a retard, she’s a total retard.” I sat there, disciplining my energy, staying silent and looking at her. Eventually, she shut up, and I thought she might have been shamed.


Bullies need to be shamed. This is the only way to get at them since they are busy shaming you. They want you to feel bad about yourself. They want you to be miserable. So they try to intimidate you by saying mean shit about you. I have learned too much to take the abuse so I’m busy making myself unlearn it. The last time I gave somebody shit it was a Target cashier by making her not use the word “retard strength” to describe herself, or for that matter, me.


I went on the warpath with her by asking her what the fuck she was doing. I told her not to speak like that to me and what was it about me that made her react that way. It was good to know from a friend of mine who died in April of last year that I did great giving her shit. I intimidated her back so successfully that she backed down. When shaming a bully, it helps to have an audience as per the security person I intimidated at that conference. Remember to shame the bullies in your life, because they already feel it for being rude.

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