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Making Intimidation Work For You

July 9, 2018


Intimidation is not about size. It is hardly reflective of size. I’m a tiny 4’10 person but I am about to tell you of how I made a chronic hugger for lewd purposes shudder. While at a certain pagan conference, I was waiting in line for food, he was passing me with a female security person. I was glancing at my “No Touchy” badge in a pointed and pouting manner. He walked past, saw me, and started shaking. I rarely get that reaction from a Ferengi.



The hugger was chased off by a table full of women laughing at the mere subtlety of bringing him down. They were chuckling. They got a good chuckle over this. I don’t even know if the coworker caught on or not but it was hilarious. He shook like a leaf. Trembling at my power, since he had tried to hug me when I said no. I escaped his need to hug me actually. I only hope my intimidation tactic spread the word of this guy throughout the pagan community. No more hugging this guy. Don’t fall prey to his intimidation since I managed to intimidate him back as I usually do. Saying no is the first step to counter-intimidation. Telling somebody you will not allow yourself to be mistreated is the first step. Then backing away from their attempts to mistreat you.


Followed by another solid no. No means no. No means solid no. Making this guy tremble was great pay back. His job could be on the line. I may just go to report him for this behavior. The new people may not be as savvy as I am because I’ve been around. The new people need to be up on his kind as much as the next person. Taking him down was quite fun. Some would say there is no way someone tiny like me can intimidate people. But hell, my lack of presence can be intimidating if I step out of my families’ nutcase milieu. Me not being there, that says a lot.

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