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Defeating the Bum

July 9, 2018

Panda Survey I was in Berkeley waiting for an ex-friend of mine who lived on the Berkeley/El Cerrito border. I had to dump this person for driving me crazy with her on-again, off-again hookups with her now-husband but this piece is not about her, it is about the bum. I was walking to the shopping center near her house. I happened across a bum, who was black, and he asked me for change, but I said no, he accepted it, moving on. The other bum, however, the white bum, was asking me for money over and over again even if I had already told him no. He was standing in front of the Starbucks in that region.


I said that even if I became a billionaire, I wouldn’t give him money because well, in my mind, there are resources for bums out there. I had a passerby intervene while a cop was across the street watching the interaction. The bum kept begging, I kept telling him no. My knee injury was still severe in those days. A passerby intervened by telling the bum that I said no to giving him change. The passerby stood, watching the bum as he kicked my chair. The chair rocked to the left, but I seated myself to the right while scooting over. The passerby remarked on my injury even as I had a solution to the problem.


The chair righted itself. The bum freaked out, flipped me off, I flipped him off back and made him scared enough to run away. The passerby saw that I was safe, and left. The cop even left when he realized I was handling the situation on my own. My thigh hurt but then I walked back to the person’s house after reporting the bum to the barista, telling him to call 911 on the bum next time he was around since he had tried to kick my chair. Now that was a day I shouldn’t have bothered to take a trip to the North Bay like that because my knee was in severe pain still. Why I did that is beyond me but well, I have since decided my boundaries matter, and like hell, I’m going to allow people to push me around like that, like the ex-friend or the bum. This is why standing up for yourself is important, not doing nothing.



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