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Going to Rehab: For Mental Health Treatment

July 8, 2018

If I ever get to go to school, I will have to work and go to school but these days work from home jobs are trendy, so I can do work from home jobs and go to school. I mean if my knee gets better I can do outside of the house jobs. I’m interested in manual labor stuff and food service. But of course, when my knee gets better. I mean I will be able to pay for a therapist Ph.D. therapist anyway when I go back to school. It stands to reason that when I finish my undergrad improvements/my A.A.s in psychology and business, I’m going to be able to get myself to rehab.



Before law school, so I’m not driven back to alcohol and caffeine, I’m going to go to go to rehab. I need extensive mental health treatment that I’m simply not getting right now. This is why I’m linking this blog to my GoFundMe I need to find short-term therapy solutions. I pretty much only have my meds as treatment, I have no social worker and my insurance is looking into therapy for me though, so in which case, it is not that bad. I use self-help books, for the most part.


It is my only resource aside from a handful of peer counselors. This is why I hope this blog makes $100-$500 at the end of this month. This means updating my blogs like crazy. And I mean like crazy because I have to update every few hours at the most. I can also apply at work from home jobs. I just want a good fit where I can work my own hours. I mean this is why I take looking for a job very seriously. I’ve hit up very often. Knee or no knee problem, can I please at least get a work from home job?


Rehab is in my future, but not right now. I may have to do an outpatient thing when I enroll at De Anza. They also have a counseling center I may have to use. I mean I can’t find cheap therapy, and some people use spiritual counselors for therapists because they don’t like mental health professionals. I’m eager to do rehab when I have the money for it but for now, I do not have the money for it.

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