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I have to stay away from alcoholics in general because being around them drives me crazy.

July 8, 2018

Here’s why I don’t hang out with drinkers anymore: I’m an alcoholic who has been sober for like 8 to 9 years now. I do not want to fall prey to temptation. So I’m just plain ditching my family because I do not want to be around drinkers, period, I also left the X for this reason because his Cylons can’t control themselves with saying mean things about other people. In which case, I have to stay away from mean people in general, in particular, those who have nothing but mean things to say about others.


Yes, some people are like this. It happens. They have no idea how rude they can be, the bottom-line is I have to stay away from negative influences. I also have to stay away from caffeine addicts. Going out for coffee for me can become going out for pastry. Pastry is all I can have. My health is more important to me than going near the “kryptonite”. The liquor section of the supermarket makes me twitchy. I feel almost physical pain. This is why I can’t even walk down the aisle since I feel odd.


Frankly, being around drinking bothers me. It is why I’m no longer hanging out with my own family, much less the X’s. I refuse to hang out with alcoholics ever again, period. I’m sticking with the dry folk. Sober people are more fun anyway, and I really do want a dry wedding. If my future boyfriend, whomever that can be, cannot handle that, well, then it is their problem, and I reserve the right to dump this person. I have to avoid heavy drinkers.


I prefer to deal with individuals sober. I need to stay sober since alcohol makes for controlling my abilities but then again, I go out of control while drinking with a high alcohol tolerance. My deities have seen my hard work pay off. I’m committed to staying sober. Nobody can push me around. I gave up alcohol, forever. I refuse to start again, that is sabotaging my health. I will not be drinking a drop of alcohol since I’ve decided to sober up. I want to refuse to be around people who drink. Keep the alcohol outside in the condo. I do not want to hang out with drinkers, period.

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