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July 13, 2018

I have channeled a new healing technique for myself but it works if you know how to move energy into your body. You connect to Reiki from the crown chakra and then it flows down all your chakras. Once, I felt frustrated while sitting at this very computer. It was at night before I had taken my meds. I was feeling a boil in my fucking mouth with my goddamn tongue. This upset me, its presence made me livid. So I felt rage at it, thinking what if it went away? Then a second later, it was gone.

Can some mentor explain to me why this happens? I have melted a shopping cart this week. When I was getting groceries, my touch made the cart’s metal change shape a few times. Once on the end when I had gripped it with my left hand, and on the side, where the side was seemingly crooked looking a second later. My boil just disappeared after I was extremely pissed before I took my medication. This same power is why my stomach is still a good place to use infusion sets 18 years later. I heal fast. It is a bizarre connection to my psychokinesis.

I mean I’ve had the Ex witness my bruises look shitty one minute and better the next. This is miracle stuff. On TV they show a glowing light while in real life you only see the glow on the etheric, as in, with auric sight. So I have developed a healing technique using my health frustration. Everybody with health problems has this frustration. We know about how many spoons you have daily, and also about how much we can get done in one day. You work up a violent rage at your problem. You then say out loud “I command you to heal.”

If you cut yourself, yell “I command you to stop bleeding.” I can stop my bleeding on a metaphysical level. It helps when you are forced to take a blood thinner to prevent other side effects like a swollen tongue. Now that is a side effect that sucks. I have given speeches like this however. Not to be too random, but I’m trying to get a speech club set up in my zip code or the zip code near Work 2 future, my job training school. We have the meeting space. I mean sheesh, what does it take for a pscyhokinetic to set up a club? I really need to talk to HR on this and find a faculty advisor since my counselor is cool with it.

I mean state the health problem and yell out what you want done. If you want to heal yourself, do what you can to make it better. I’m only a catalyst for your work. I set the energy up, I give you a gentle push. Then you can heal yourself or get rid of the negativity in your life, the bad juju, whatever it is. I can’t talk about how I help some people because it is best to guard their privacy but seriously, name your problem, something about me can fix it. In real life, you do not get glow-y light with it. That is not how healing works. We live on a filthy, degenerated shithole planet with low vibrations. Not every lightworker can help every problem. Don’t get your panties in a bunch because I tell the truth, and believe you me, I tell the truth. Yes, people get mad at that sometimes. But if you can’t handle it, stay the hell away from me.

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