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The Effects of Constant Hostility

July 14, 2018

The Effects of Constant Hostility

If you are inundated with constant hostility in your world, this can cause major health problems. I grew up immersed this way in negative emotions. I’m not talking about negative energy, that’s ridiculous New Age nonsense. I was constantly angry from bullies, from home. Expressing anger in a healthy way, this I didn’t learn until I moved in with the sane roommates compared to the ones who had uncontrolled angry outbursts constantly. Constructive anger involves speaking to the person you are angry with in a civil manner, not in a large emotional outburst which makes somebody reel. (

Too much anger does increase your risk for a stroke. People who pick fights have no idea how traumatizing that is for me or anybody else victimized by their antics. Being assertive is a good way to express anger, but getting up and walking away, that’s removing yourself from a toxic environment. Bullies criticize you for being you, and this happened to me as a child daily in elementary school. Anger weakens your immune system so that’s why I had a lot of colds growing up, and I wasn’t diagnosed as having oppositional defiant disorder until I was 18.

ODD is an inability to do what you are told, and often arises out of authoritarian parenting when the child has had enough. Anger problems make anxiety problems worse, take it from me, I have had major anxiety my whole life and only now with appropriate medication is it better, I spent my whole childhood not on meds , drinking after age 18, and in general, feeling bad until I was 20 and tried medication. I was 30 when I was diagnosed schizoaffective, and tried more intense medication than I had tried previously. Hostility can affect your lung’s function, this is proven in my life because after 18 I had constant pneumonia, or bronchitis from colds.

My stress as a child, impacted my life severely. Stress can shorten your life span, that’s why as an adult I have made myself do therapy as well as self-help books to learn how to cope with my shit. Learning to express anger in a healthy way increases your life span because of stress reduction techniques. I guarantee you that hostility can damage your lungs because I had to deal with so much of it growing up for no good reason. They didn’t like me in school from 4th grade on. Somehow I survived the fourth grade. I didn’t have medication all through elementary school, and high school, and somehow I survived intense sleep deprivation because of my dog.



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