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July 14, 2018

Why my Psychokinesis is Under Control for Now
You see, there is a way to help me out financially and Beach Body is it, for Coaching sign ups or buying the product.

After going shopping sometime this week, I had a rather disturbing yet marvelous experience with my PK. I saw it melt down a shopping cart. The right side, and the seat, and then the end of it where I was holding the shopping cart with my bare hands. Babylon 5 had it right, making telepaths keep their hands in gloves because truth is stranger than fiction. In winter, I’d have an excuse to wear gloves but see, that was my hypothyroidism not being stable and giving me a reason to be chilly since it lowers your body temperature.

I raised my meds precisely to keep the beast under control. My cough is actually better because of Claritin and the inhaler. I managed to save some money this month too since my PG&E is a nice discount. I can tolerate this. I will have extra money left over. I do surveys, and Beach Body, anything to make or save money. Of course, this is a huge source of paranoia for me. This is why I raised my meds for this week, and possibly the next two weeks. I managed to bend a spoon today after I got my laundry.

My psychokinesis is in general, under my control. I keep both USB drive and keys in a medication bottle. This way, I can calm myself down before I take it out. My blinds are a touch bent when I have grazed them with my hand while hot with energy. Reiki can activate my psychokinesis as I know how to use Reiki for self-healing. This is a solid fact of life for me, and why I have managed to survive 18 years on the insulin pump without giving up on infusion.

Most of my friends know that I do not give up easily when I feel like I can’t succeed at something. I keep trying until I succeed. Unlike somebody at a job I had years ago, who said that I should give up on infusion. Bah, right. Like hell. I didn’t. Giving up is not my style, nor is giving in to temptation of failure. Its why I’m tougher than you, bitch, and why I eventually succeed at stuff that others would give up on such as letting go of addictions. I’m detoxing myself for chocolate granola bars. But yeah, me? Give up? Nothing of the sort happens to me.

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