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The Psychic Healer Database Phone App

July 16, 2018

I have to pick and choose which business ideas to write about with the risk of knowing somebody out there could say, I’m not helping you put together, but I’m pretty much going to rip you off. I want to start a site and phone app for psychics who want to advertise their services, with their services being a phone call or a text away, kind of like the therapy websites they have out right now that function in a similar manner, with text therapy being an option that presents itself with companies that offer therapy.

My company would offer healing services, as a spiritually based company. My product is a directory to find healers out there who want to help clients that can’t always get to an office. We offer Reiki healers, psychic healers, and many different kinds of practitioner really except for dark arts people, none of those. They will pay for banner space although I have no idea how much to charge them for this banner space, something like $250? Members could enroll for like $1.99 per membership, yearly, or monthly. This is for people who need to access services on a low budget.

So I’d make the healers give them a discount if they are willing to charge less for their services since I feel that psychic healers sometimes charge exorbitant fees for what they do. People who need services cannot always access them as a result of their fee system. The phone app would be an easy way to access a transpersonal therapist as well. They can use either the website, or the phone app, and I do need help with this idea, with programming it. If any starseed out there have computer programming knowledge, and like this idea, I wish to God I could pay you, so find me when I have enough money to pay you.


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