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The Wacky T-Shirt Business Idea

July 16, 2018

I have a business idea for a t-shirt business on Etsy. This business is all about making wacky t-shirts that say things like “Sober!!” or “Bill Wilson Sent me” or even “I’m an alcoholic,” but some of my family has like no sense of humor, really. “Don’t give me shit about my meds, ” is printed already. I’m pretty furious at being severely low-income by now. I mean I’m fed up with it. I need to make extra money, the bottom line is that I have to figure out how to use Clickbank, which I feel extremely ignorant about and unable to make money off of it.

I have to work on my Clickbank skills because it is affiliate marketing, something that leaves me very confused. But anyway, the t-shirt business is going to be sold on Etsy. My Facebook has the tag line, buy a t-shirt and send me to school. It is daunting just how much money I have to make to get back to even junior college, at all. My t-shirt business is meant as a quirky way to make money. One t-shirt can even read: “I have schizophrenia.” I’m willing to wear this in public just to see reactions.

My business ideas all need financing, as well as not to be stolen by somebody. Since my t-shirts are all about mental illness, nobody will touch that one with a ten-foot pole except me. I need some funds so I can print extra shirts and put it on Etsy along with being able to pay postage as well as buy ink for the printer, which also requires paper and labels. So if anybody wants to donate to my GofundMe,, you can. And I could use some donations to buy ink for my printer at any rate.


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