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Glucose Tablets Business Idea

July 15, 2018

Glucose tablets are a product marketed to diabetics because we diabetics need something to treat our many low blood sugar, low blood sugar is a symptom of taking too much insulin or also known as an insulin reaction. Glucose tablets as they are now have a nasty taste because they are chalky, a powder-like substance meant to get your blood sugar up in minutes. Glucose gel doesn’t taste like frosting and is not savory also because some people I used to know have frosting on them for lows. These are all simple remedies. Glucose tablets do not taste good, so I thought why not invent a gummy version?

As in, using flavored jello, as well as grenadine and actual juice. Cook it in the oven 10 minutes, then stick it in the freezer for some more time. The next step could be to take it out of the freezer, let it get to room temperature and try it to see if it is stable and doesn’t fall apart when I touch it. I ran into somebody who has a similar idea at a study I participated in. We talked about it briefly but I haven’t had the nerve to follow up unless he finds my blog.

Something about my personality is that I’m quite shy and absolutely hate being the center of attention. This is tough for somebody who wants to get into comedy like me. I need to do an open mic night on a small scale just to see what I can get comfortable with. But yes, the glucose tablet idea is something I have to put together as most of the ones on the market are gross tasting. I need it to come out in a gummy like consistency. No sugar need be added although the point of glucose tablets is to raise your blood sugar when low.


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